Photo Credit: John Paul Tyrone/Pexels

Thoughts and Musings For the End of 2019

Adrianna Freedman


This past year has been one of many highs and so many lows. It’s been a year of growth in ways that I can’t even begin to describe.

Am I in the place I hoped I’d be at professionally and personally? Not in the least. But I’m learning so much about myself on this journey that I don’t regret one thing that has happened this year.

My family and my loved ones (you know who you are) have been my rocks through such a bumpy year, and continuously lift me up through the hard times — and I love you all for it. ❤

I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of this year. I am not as confident and I used to be. I live with doubts that I’ll never be good enough — in professional, romantic and personal instances.

it’s alright though — I have faith that this upcoming year (and decade) will be the one where life will become just a bit easier and that all I hope and dream for will start to come true.

As my mother loves to tell me in Yiddish — “tracht gut v’zein gut.” Think good and it will be good.