These Are 11 of My Favorite Fall Things

Adrianna Freedman
6 min readNov 17, 2020
Credit: Pexels

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — fall!

As an autumn baby (my birthday is on November 10th), there’s nothing about this time of year I don’t love. The change in weather, leading to wearing cozy knits and trusty beanies atop my head. The overflowing cups of hot cider. The change of the foliage colors as the leaves fall from their trees to make way for new ones come spring. The sudden need to wear those boots I’ve waited all year to break out of my closet. The smells of pumpkin constantly lingering through the air… well, maybe that’s just my home.

Sure, it might seem like the classic millennial trend to take part in, but needless to say, I LOVE fall.

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But given how the world is currently shut down due to an ongoing pandemic, it’s kind of hard to get into the season spirit. But it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate all that autumn has to offer.

This is where I come in. Behold, a list of the things I’ve collected recently which help me usher in my obsession with the fall season, all from the comfort of my own home. And while I can’t necessarily uphold my yearly tradition of strolling through all the holiday villages NYC has to offer with steaming cups of cocoa (or in my case, a caramel brûlée latte from Starbucks) in hand, I’m doing all I can to bring the fall to me.

Bath and Body Works — Coconut Macaroon Hand Cream

So this might not be something you could find as easily as one might think. But this scent always brings me back to the days of going with my mom shopping for the holiday season. She’s always had a love for coconut, and when she found this last year in our local Bath and Body Works, she had to give one of the many she bought to me. Now, I take it with me everywhere — and I’m sure you will too.

Village Candle — Apples & Cinnamon

Who doesn’t love a little bit of apples and cinnamon during the colder season? While I prefer having a hot toddy or a spiked cider during fall, this particular candle does the trick as well. It doesn’t smell cloyingly sweet when first lighting it, and its scent easily permeates through the room in a few minutes. Plus, the price isn’t so bad either.

Coffee Mate — Cookies ‘n Cocoa Coffee Creamer

I’m a sucker for a unique creamer to insert into my coffee at any time, especially during the fall season. This particular flavor reminds you of freshly-baked cookies out of the oven, and although it didn’t sound particularly appealing to me at first, half a bottle (and three days) after buying, let’s just say I plan on getting some more — soon!

Michael Buble — “Christmas”

Before you start lamenting how this is not the right time to start playing Christmas music, let me tell you… I really don’t care. For me, as soon as October hits, the holiday music comes on at full blast, with Michael Buble being the first artist I play. This is one of my favorite albums of all-time, from its renditions of holiday classics (including a jazzy version of a Mariah Carey cover) to writing new ones. It’s become a beloved favorite for a reason, and it’s great to play at any time of the year.

HeatMax — Hot Hands 2 Hand Warmers

As someone who never understood the appeal of wearing gloves in the middle of winter, these little hand warmers are essentially G-d’s personal gift to me. They take less than a minute to begin heating, and it’s like having a personal space heater for close to eight hours in between your hands. Be careful though: these can go up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you’re not careful, you’ll come away with a nasty burn.

Libbey Glass — Gourmet Latte Mugs

I happen to love large coffee mugs, and this particular one just screams fall to me. It’s sturdy, but not too heavy that you’re hurting your wrist every time you lift it to take a sip of your favorite fall drink. It’s also elegantly see-through, making you feel like you just stepped into a boutique coffee shop. And with the relatively inexpensive price tag, you’ll feel good about spending your money on something that’s both trendy and practical.

Prive Revaux — The Dean Sunglasses

While sunglasses are traditionally associated with the summertime, it’s always a good idea to keep some with you. I wear this pair from Jamie Foxx’s brand throughout the year, and with its polarized lenses and classic frame that seems to span through the decades, these will quickly become your fashion go-to. Plus, they’re a fraction of the price from those Ray-Bans you’ve desperately wanted ever since your favorite celeb adorned them all those years ago. What’s not to love?

Suave — Creamy Milk & Honey Splash Body Wash

I discovered this on accident when I was out shopping looking to stock up on bath supplies for the guest bathroom in my parents’ house. The smell of toasted vanilla and honey warms your entire body, and the scent lingers on your skin for quite a while — which, between you and me, was a genuine surprise. And with a huge bottle costing less than $4, it’s honestly a price you can’t beat.

Giorgio Armani — Sì Eau de Parfum

This is a new addition to my extensive perfume/body mist collection. I got this after I found an old Sephora perfume certificate my friend gave me years ago for my birthday, and while the price is steep (at least for my personal beauty standards), its overwhelming vanilla notes just gave me the vibes of fall the minute I tested this in the store. And if you’re wondering if the scent lasts all day? Yes, it does. Maybe it is worth splurging on this…

Strongbow Cider — Gold Apple

During my last year of college, I often found myself hanging out with friends on a Thursday night at our favorite local bar, the Churchill Tavern. Although this particular alcoholic beverage was sold at other bars, there was something special about sipping an ice-cold Strongbow out of a beer stein while watching a soccer game. Any time I drink this, it automatically takes me back to those good old days, along with its taste just screaming fall. Even if you don’t have the chance to sip it at your local bar, if you can buy it, do so. Trust me — you’re gonna love it.

“Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You” by Lin-Manuel Miranda

The book might’ve been published two years ago, but my parents recently gifted me this for my 25th birthday. It’s written by a literary/musical genius (I mean, have you seen Hamilton on Disney+?), and its short proses are ones that a person might just write down and carry with them in their wallets as a means of inspiration. I mean, I do… Trust me, it’s worth getting for yourself.