Let’s Talk About Anything But Politics

Adrianna Freedman
3 min readNov 3, 2017

I’m sick of looking at my television screen. I’m annoyed by my various social media platforms. I’m tired of hearing about the state of how bad American society has become. I want to talk about anything else but politics.

I think we all can admit that since Donald Trump assumed the role of being the President of the United States, the country has been shaken, stirred, and then poured into a never-ending martini glass. There’s always some new evidence found about how corrupt the Trump Administration is. There’s always someone bashing the White House. There’s always someone disagreeing with the first person and supporting the White House. Whatever your feelings are towards our government at this moment in time, I’m just done with hearing about everyone’s political opinions ad nauseum. It’s a national epidemic that seems to have no cure.

It’s not that I’m not partisan. I happen to have my own opinions on what is currently occurring in my home country. I’m just refusing to discuss them. I refuse to talk about someone colluding with the Russians, because it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just a college senior trying to figure out how to pass all her classes in order to graduate on time. I’m just a woman in her early twenties trying to find a boyfriend most of the time. I really don’t have any time or patience for politics to play a huge factor in my ever-so boring life.

What really irks me about all this political talk is how everyone has become so critical of actions they don’t agree with, but no one tries to do anything about it. President Trump says that we have to “make America great again.” Although many people are taking the campaign slogan as a bad mark for a president who doesn’t know what is happening under his own nose (or maybe he does — I truly don’t care about what is going on in his brain), we really should be taking those words to heart. It really is time to make our country the best it can be.

It’s time for Americans to start helping one another. Instead of sitting around at your local bar or coffee shop and talking about what CNN or Fox News is reporting, maybe volunteer at your local soup kitchen. Instead of hounding Twitter to find the newest Trump tweet, maybe tweet about your favorite cause and how the public can donate money towards it. Instead of complaining about the lack of healthcare funding or how bad our healthcare is, go to a hospital and see that healthcare in action. It’s not so bad compared to other countries. Instead of hate-bashing everyone, try to find the good in them. Those people you’re bashing have feelings too and you probably wouldn’t like the hate if you mentally step into their shoes. Think about what you’re saying before you say it or post it. Take a walk around your local neighborhood and look at the people surrounding you. These are your brothers and sisters. These people make up the world that you choose to make narrow.

My friend told me recently that “it’s time to actually make America great again.” It’s time to reclaim what is ours and provide positivity and peace in the world. It’s time to reunite and become one nation, one that doesn’t see everything as Republican or Democrat. It’s time to bring back partnership and realize that politics is only one aspect of our lives. It’s time to find love rather than hate. It’s time to reclaim the other parts of us and become great once again.